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“An accurate diagnosis is the first step to getting effective treatment.”

We aim to provide the best medical diagnostic services using the latest in medical technology at affordable rates with home sample collection facilities.

About Us

Healthcare traditionally has been physician focused. If a physician receives in-correct lab report there is no way the physician can make correct diagnosis. Evidence based medical laboratory diagnostic services play key role in improving quality of healthcare services.

We at, Sai Ayush Diagnostics Center are committed to provide the clinical laboratory services of the highest quality using state of the art technology and well trained & highly dedicated staff skilled committed manpower engaged at technician supervising and managerial levels.

The lab endeavors to provide services with following attributes:

-> Reproducibility of results

-> Accuracy

-> To generate results in minimum possible time.

-> To provide every patient personalized care, with courteous and polite attitude of staff.

Our Vision

The vision of Sai Ayush Diagnostics Center is to be one of the trusted and influential providers for medical lab service for those seeking diagnosis of conditions, within and beyond the abilities of our contemporaries in the field.

Our Mission

The mission of Sai Ayush Diagnostics Center is to provide high quality medical lab services in accordance with the internationally accepted standards at competitive prices in the shortest possible time with emphasis on excellence, customer satisfaction and continuous quality improvement.

-> To  discover at an early stage the condition which afflict the populations we serve, through community outreach and our relationships with practitioners.

-> To  diagnose with accuracy and reliability the condition which are presented to us, using the best-in-class of technology that is available; globally.

-> To  defend, effectively, the population from such diseases for the future, through education and knowledge sharing.

Our Quality Policy

To provide accurate and precise diagnostic, prognostic and predictive testing services in a timely manner. We employ the latest technology available and are constantly modifying our processes to increase the accuracy of our test results. Pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical errors are minimal and rectified in a timely manner so as to not affect the test results. Strict internal and external quality control checks are maintained at all times. Sensitivity and specificity of test kits are considered before approving them for patient testing

Our Quality Control

Quality assurance in pathology and laboratory medicine is the practice of assessing performance in all steps of the laboratory testing cycle including pre-analytic, analytic, and post-analytic phases to promote excellent outcomes in medical care. Quality control is an integral component of quality assurance and is the aggregate of processes and techniques to detect, reduce, and correct deficiencies in an analytical process. Quality improvement is the practice of continuously assessing and adjusting performance using statistically and scientifically accepted procedures.

All control values are analyzed and interpreted and corrective action is taken as necessary.


We provide comprehensive preventive health packages at the most reasonable prices with the facility of free home sample collection


-> Biochemistry

-> Microbiology

-> Pathology

-> Hormones

Home collection facilities also available*

Health Checkup Camp

In an endeavor to raise health awareness and to highlight the importance of regular health check- ups, Sai Ayush Diagnostics Center has been organizing Health Check-up Camps.

During these health camps, our team of certified phlebotomists conduct blood tests as requested by the client/group/physician

Each person attending our Health Camp can avail the services at heavily discounted prices.

With the help of our advanced state-of-the-art laboratories, we deliver accurate and reliable test reports.

Packages/tests and reporting/promotional content can be customized according to the needs of the client.

Sai Ayush Diagnostics Center places the need of each individual patient first. Our commitment to quality, accuracy, and efficiency makes us a respected choice for quality diagnostics lab.

Contact us for Health Check-up Camps. Call G. Shreekanth 9949496496

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